A Few of our Favorite Things {March}

Welcome to a new series! This is something we hope to keep up with monthly. The title pretty much explains it all… We’re just going to write about our favorite stuff. Hannah’s answers will be in this color. Kerri will answer using this color


I have pretty sensitive skin, and I recently learned my eyes are very sensitive as well. After wearing mascara for a few hours, my eyelashes would feel like they were trying to pull themselves out. It was pretty annoying. SO I tried a hypoallergenic mascara and eyeliner from Target, called No7, and I like them both a lot! They work well, and don’t bother my eyes. 

I really love NYC eyebrow kit & Rimmel eyebrow pencil. They both fill in my eyebrows really well yet still make them look natural and not look like I drew them on. I’m still trying to find a powder/foundation that looks natural and matches my skin tone. I really like Rimmel & right now I’m using the moose foundation in the color Ivory. Really love this foundation because its great for just everyday wear or performance wear (stage make) because it stays on all day though all my sweating and grossness. B U T I’m struggling with  finding a color that matches my face as well as my neck.


I got to visit Anthropologie for the first time this month and I fell in love. After maybe half an hour of looking around I found the clearance section. Thank goodness for that little piece of the store, am I right? I fell in love with many things, but decided on one pretty blouse.

Since it was on sale I was not able to find it online. I will link you to their Meadow Rue collection, which is where my shirt is from. They have many more beautiful pieces (although very expensive).

My absolutely favorite clothing right now is a dress that comes with a  matching coat. ♥ I just bought it and my heart is strongly attached to this outfit. It is from my favorite antique store, Red Feathered Nest, over in Hilton Village, Newport News VA. If you live in that area or even around the area this is place you MUST go! 


Lately one of my favorite meals has been Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, with toast or some kind of vegetables on the side. It’s easy + perfectly warm and cozy for these last Winter months. 

Smoothie Bowls all the way fam.


Protein Cookie!!! I really want to blog about this sometime soon so keep an eye out for it. But basically its a thick peanut butter/oat mix with a lot of other things shaped in the form of a cookie. Literally I have it all the time on the side with a smoothie or juice or just a quick snack to go. They’re so. Freaking. Good.

These 5 ingredient Blender Peanut Butter Banana muffins. They’re really quick and a great little snack. 

Tea or Coffee♥

I’ve been loving Celestial’s Sleepytime tea before bed, and sometimes in the morning too. It’s a warm and comforting blend of chamomile, cool spearmint, and lemongrass.

I’m obsessed with coffee.


I’ve been listening to Pure Heroine by Lorde a lot lately. I kind of forgot about this album for a long time, and then remembered that it exists and should be listened to. 

Definitely my favorite escape from life is music. Especially when it comes to Frank Sinatra. I am constantly listening to Sinatra on vinyl (the best way to listen to music) and his music basically speaks to my soul & gives me life. 

 ♥Tv or Movies♥

Kerri and I have been watching Parks and Recreation together! I’m pretty sure we laugh every two minutes while watching this show. Most of the time it takes me a couple episodes to enjoy a show, but I’ve loved this one from the first episode. 

Yeah, what she said. . .↑


This March I finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbertand I thought it was very interesting and inspirational. Some of her ideas are a little “out there” but it challenged me to look at creativity in a different, healthier light. 

Does the subtitles on Netflix count as reading? I really don’t like reading. . .

excuse my no make rough look. but Netflix accepts who i am so i don’t care. 

♥Quotes or Verses♥

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” -C.S. Lewis

Jeremiah 29:11 & Psalms 149:3 (basically live by that verse) 


Welcome to Our Mess

IMG_3920Bonjour people of the internet!

You have just entered into the blogging world of the Canadian & the
half-Canadian. We have no idea what we’re doing so just go with it.

Let us first start out by telling you who we actually are. The Canadian, Hannah, is the blonde. The half-Canadian, Kerri Anne, is the brunette. That’s basically all you need to know. Also, even though we don’t look a thing alike & we came from two different countries, we basically are the same person. We are the same person. It’s kinda scary.

You’re probably wondering why our blog is called Wednesday Sisters. Well let us enlighten you: every Wednesday it is our weekly routine to sit in a coffee shop (not Starbucks. We’re not that basic) & drink coffee for hours while we attempt to do school. Usually we just end up laughing, crying, and thinking about what we should do with our lives. Today we had that light bulb moment and now we’re here. Writing words on the internet for people to (hopefully) read. We were told by Kerri Anne’s dad that if we make this interesting then people might actually read it. So that’s what we’re gonna try to do.

More random facts are up in the about us if you’re interested to know more about our boring life.

Okie Bye.

– Kerri Anne & Hannah