How To Bullet

A little while ago we posted a blog on how we use a bullet journal. Since then we both have used many different layout styles and started using our journal in new ways. SO why not share it with all you beautiful souls?!?! As you’re reading, so you know who is writing what: Hannah will be writing in this color and I (Kerri Anne) will be writing is this color.

Let’s get started! 

Week layouts: 

This has become my favorite way of organizing my days of the week! At the end of each week (typically on a Sunday evening…I like to start fresh on Monday’s) I will write the headers for the week. Then each morning after I brain dump (CHECK OUT this blog to figure what I mean by that) I’ll write out everything I have to do that day. Sometimes I get on a roll and plan out the following day or two. OR I’ll even do this: Plan out my day in the morning after brain dumping THEN in the evening if I have nothing to do I’ll do some blogging along with bullet journaling for the next day. Then I’ll lay it out on my cute little ottoman so when I wake I take a glance at my pre planned day, dump out some of creativity, and start with the productiveness.


HOWEVER! Boredom strikes so I like to change it up every other week with a new layout to put a fresh spin on planning my days. Keeps my life exciting! ( reading that makes me realize how lame I am) I also use this one below because it takes up less paper. So then I get extra pages for grocery lists and monthly school schedules! (..okay now I am even lamer) 

So this is my plan B layout when I get bored of the other: 


Monthly Planning:

When it comes to the beginning of each month I like to know what I have on my plate. Work, school, hot dates *mysterious smirk* (lol at my life. I wish)..well you get the picture..So I write a month at glance type of deal. Stating my goals for school work, activities, projects, etc. Listing my work schedule for the three jobs I have and writing down how much I make that month and how I’m going to split up my paychecks. Doing this right before the start of the month really clears my head. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s just really nice to write down certain goals for that month and set a schedule that makes walking into a new month less stressful for me. So this is how I lay it all out: 


Grocery Lists:

I freaking love grocery shopping. Like LOOVE it. Don’t ask me because I don’t know. I just do. SO of course I got to to have grocery lists in my bullet journal! Usually I will create a new grocery list each month. It’s almost always the same items but I try to search around all month to find new things to start eating and add the ingredients to my list. Throughout the month if I’m going on a weekend trip or just any trip at all I will create a separate grocery list for that certain event. This is what my grocery layouts usually look like:


Vacation Planning:

Some of my very favourite pages in my bullet journal are my vacation pages. Anytime I go out of town I make a packing list, and then I write down each day I will be on vacation. I usually plan things like my outfit, the weather, and what our plans are for that day. At the end of the day I write down all my favourite memories from that day. I usually have so much to write the page ends up looking a little cluttered, but I love having memories written down in my journal.

we have no pretty vacation planning pictures to share with you guys…sorry. 

Monthly Memories:

I also love to dedicate a page to each month, where I write down some of my favourite memories. I usually try to decorate these pages with doodles relating to the memories. These are great pages to look back on, and I’m sure I’ll be happy I did them a few years down the road. Credit to Boho Berry for this idea (her pages are much pretty than mine to be honest)

If you would like even MORE ideas for your Bullet Journal, check out this post!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day!