Summer Must-Haves

 With the summer approaching everyone is buying a new summer wardrobe, finding the best bathing suits, making beach/pool plans, planning summer vacations, etc. What you’re about to read is a short blog sharing with you all the fun & fashionable must-haves for your summer.


Pretty sure everyone lives in their bathing suit in the summer. So finding that perfect swimsuit is crucial in our opinion. Just the other day I was helping Hannah shop online for her bathing suit & she literally took forever. She was really struggling. However, in the end she found her perfect swim suit and recently so did I! Hannah found a swimsuit from Jolyn, and Kerri’s black bathing suit top is from Panache.

Summer Clothes

I don’t know about you but I hate pants. Especially in the summer. So another summer must have is a closet full of dresses and skirts. Casual, formal, whatever floats your boat. And if you don’t like dresses and prefer pants. . . Well you go girl. Rock whatever your summer style is. A pair of cute sunglasses are also a must have for the summer. I get a new pair every year and I’m pretty sure it’s one of my favorite parts about summer. A few of our favorite stores are Cotton On (Kerri’s romper and Hannah’s Tank Top), Hollister (Hannah’s shorts), Target (Hannah’s Cardigan), and Buckle.

Make Up

Least favorite part about summer is the heat. Heat causes sweat and sweat causes gross, half-melted off make up. (*click on picture to see the description of product*)

A Journal 

A lot happens in summer. Going on road trips, weekend camping with friends, late night swimming in the lake, etc. Summer is the time to make memories so a journal is a great item to have. Writing at the end of your day or at the end of the week is really nice habit to get into. It’s also really nice to be able to look back at previous summers and relive those memories. The Black Bullet Journal is from Amazon, and the gold dot one is from Target. 

A book list 

All those times when you’re laying on the beach, chilling by the poolside, or sitting in your room alone because all your friends are on vacation..You really need something to do besides scroll through Instagram over and over again. SO put together a book list! Find some really exciting books that will suck you right in. My favorite author is Ted Dekker. All of his books are AMAZING! I’ve even read a few of them more than once. They’re that good. 

Take Advantage of the Warm Weather

This isn’t really a must have but I’m going to put it in anyways. Sometimes it might be tempting to stay in your cool air conditioned house, but soon you’ll be complaining about the cold weather, so go outside! Feel the sun on your skin while you take a walk, eat your breakfast, read your book, or chat with a friend. Also keep in mind that being outside will improve your mood, decrease stress, and give you a rocking summer tan!

Pretty sure that concludes our Summer Must-Haves blog. So we hope you all have a fantastical and aesthetic summer. 


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