Beginner Yoga Sequence

Abs + Arms + Legs

Targeting all 3 in 1 Yoga workout.

I usually do this sequence at night because it is not a difficult routine. Though it is also a good morning routine to do before a shower just to get the heart rate up and your muscles engaged.

NOTE: this whole sequence only takes 10 – 15 minutes.

First: Start off in a standing position making sure your abs are already engaged, your ribs are closed, shoulders relaxed, and taking deep breaths. For the whole yoga routine you really want to focus on flowing from move to move & engaging your core and glutes in each move. 

ALSO breathing should be a main focus during this exercise.

Standing position.
Step out into Warrior pose. Hold for 16 counts.
Arch back in Warrior pose in a high release – hold for 8 counts
Bend forward and twist toward the sky *still keeping abs engaged* -hold for 16 counts
move to plank + go into 12 plank dips.


Stretch into downward dog into – hold for 8 counts





Stretch one leg up an open up hips. – hold for 4 counts
From there you take the leg that was up and move into a plank position with the your knee to your shoulder. Then take your leg back up to previous pose. Repeat that 8-12 times on same leg.

After you have finished the last move you go back to downward dog and make your way up to the standing position. Repeat again to the left. Then again to the right. . .then again to the left. So in the end you have done 4 sets, two on each side. 

NOTE: All moves can be adjusted to your own skill level. 


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