Jeremiah 30:8-9


The other night my journal began with the words: “Can I take a moment to talk about how sometimes life just seems mostly awful?” And I did just that. I took a few moments and wrote down different aspects of my life. All the negative emotions. Eventually I decided that I should probably pick up my Bible and read something that would hold me together and keep me from falling apart. Maybe I’m really dramatic and emotional, but we totally warned you in our About Us section.

I’ve been doing a lot of devotionals and online reading lately, so it had been a while since I picked up my actual Bible. My bookmark was holding Jeremiah 30, and I think it was holding it for that very moment. As I read through the chapter, verses 8-9 stood out to me. As I thought about these verses I broke it down into three parts, and realized why it meant so much to me.

The first words are: “And then I’ll enter the darkness.” This part really grabs my attention, for the simple fact that He enters. I think that there are times when every one of us feels completely engulfed in darkness. It’s almost as if the black smoke around is too thick for Jesus to get through. Or maybe you just feel lost. This verse shows that those thoughts aren’t accurate. He will enter the darkness. It’s going to be okay, because He will never leave you alone, no matter how dark it is. It’s not too much for Him.

The next part says: “I’ll break the yoke from their necks, cut them loose from the harness.” I love this, because it’s an excellent reminder of His ability. These words are so powerful because He is powerful. He can and will set you free from absolutely anything.

And the final part is: “No more slave labor to foreigners! They’ll serve their God and the David-King I’ll establish for them.” This part brings me so much hope because it shows His plan. A while back Kerri posted about Jeremiah 29:11, and that’s what this part reminds me of. Israel was in a dark place, and this verse was written to them at that time. God entered the darkness Israel was in, set them free, and formed a plan for their future.So here are the three points this verse made to me…

1. He enters. He enters darkness. He did so for Israel, and I believe He does so for each of His children, all the time.
2. He breaks. He sets us free.
3. He plans. God has a beautiful, intricate, and perfect plan for each one of us. I hope this fills you with as much hope as it does for me!

An important lesson I’ve learned from my youth pastor: the Bible is best read in context. I looked specifically at verses 8-9, but there’s a lot to learn in Jeremiah 30, and reading the verses before and after what I highlighted will help you understand them even better. If this post spoke to you, I would encourage you to look at even more of the book Jeremiah!

-Hannah Scott


3 thoughts on “Jeremiah 30:8-9

  1. I love the prophets Hannah…their writings are intended for us…and all the disciplines the Israelites went through are for our learning and so true to our own experience to bring us into the promised land of His freedom from the bondage of our flesh and sin ain’t they….disciplines like disappointment, detour, denial, delay, darkness and so forth… I have a rather lengthy “life line” I charted out over the years and looking back I see the hand of God more clearly. Yours is still relatively short, but nonetheless you can trace it already….we are to remember Him in all the good things He has done for us in guiding and providing..He is the Bread of Life and the Water of Life. “My goal is God Himself, not joy, nor peace, nor even blessing, but Himself my God; tis His to lead me there, by any path dear Lord, by any road”. I just don’t remember who wrote this…..perhaps another of Jim Elliot, or someone else. Thanks for sharing…


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