Jeremiah 29:11

You should’ve seen the amount of fun I had making that picture above. It was literally stupid how giddy & proud I was to have actually made that…Even though it only took 5 minutes to make and it doesn’t even look impressive. Yet, I’m pretty darn impressed.

Now I put the picture first so you readers would see and be like, “omg that picture is so cool and hip so maybe what she has to say it cool and worth reading.”

Maybe I’m right. . .Maybe I’m wrong. . .

However, I do know one thing and that is that this is worth reading because Jesus is involved…and Jesus is just freaking awesome.

What I have to say all revolves around the verse above. This verse basically gives me life and brings me so much peace and joy. Let me enlighten you on why:

Every little storm that I’ve been in have been similar. They’ve all revolved around physical issues and injuries that could end my dance career in a split second. Completely changing my life around. OR huge plot twists in life that just change a lot of things in general. . .The one thing that those two have in common is change. My physical issues and multiple injuries have never ended my life with dance…But it could have & that scared the poop out of me. Life plot twists..well they basically turn your life in another direction then what you’ve planned or are accustomed to. When things like this happen I tend to go into my deep, dark hole and I just stay there letting negative thoughts eat me up & I let worry & stress get the best of me.

T H E N I read this verse.

This verse gets me out of of my head with the negativity and reminds me of how wonderful God is and the plan he has for me. It also reminds me that the plans that I may have had for myself mean nothing & my way of walking through life will just me bring harm.

God’s plan is the only one I need to live by. He already has it laid out for me & to me that is such an incredible thought. Especially in the times where I would feel lost & worried, this verse lifts all the worry and stress off my shoulders. When that happens I no longer feel lost & I feel more confident in where I’m going next because I’m walking on Gods path, fulfilling his plan.

This is already 400 words already and that’s too much so I’m going to get to my main reason for sharing this:

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one in this world who needs this kind of encouragement & Jesus love. (yes, i said jesus love..just go with it) This is such a perfect verse to get through the storm you’re in or recovering from (pretty sure recovering from a storm is a thing). I hope that this is a reminder to anyone who reads this that God already has plans for your life and all you have to do is cast your worries & stress onto him and he will guide you through the rest.

Remembering that for me has taken away so much worry & stress & has totally given me a different perspective on life.

~ Kerri Anne


10 thoughts on “Jeremiah 29:11

  1. Oh the plans He has for you, my little one, are so beyond anything you could dream up on your own! I love having a front row seat to watch what He has already done and what He’s gonna do. 😘❤️


  2. Baby girl, don’t you ever say you’re not a good writer. Your thoughts are raw and full of life and SUCH a gift. Keep writing! Also, your Dad gave me a coffee mug in high school with this verse on it. It was his favorite verse too. 💙


  3. I love this Kerri. You are such a courageous and Godly young woman and you are facing this storm in such a beautiful way. I know you will come out into the sunshine soon and be so much stronger! Proud of you Kerri!❤️


  4. So proud of you sweet girl! You are blossoming into a such an amazing young woman, with insight and wisdom. Continue to allow God to direct your path and you won’t go wrong. Love you!


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