10 Things You Want to Do For a Productive Morning.

I know for a fact that we are not the only ones who hate getting up in the morning…Everyone has their own reasons on why they hate mornings. Ours is just that it’s morning and mornings mean you have to get up and do something with your life.

So here we have for you 10 tips on how to get your lazy self out of bed and do something with your life…the peaceful, productive, and stressless way.

Now we will admit that both of us are also the W O R S T  at getting up in the morning. It wasn’t until we starting doing these things and it actually made life easier. Now mornings are our favorite part of the day.

It also made us feel like we were actually doing something with our lives.

Now before you read on don’t get your hopes up…Following our steps to a productive morning doesn’t mean you’re gonna wake up like those non-human people in the movies that are all smiley and pretty looking.


T I P  1 

If you know what the next day holds for you then prepare the night before. We have our days written out in our DIY Planner so we go off of that. We set out clean clothes for the next morning, straighten up surroundings, pack meals & other things they may need to be packed, grind coffee, etc..I think you get the idea.. That way when you wake up you don’t have to worry about doing all the extra things like cleaning and doing all the extra steps of making coffee.

T I P 2

The moment you decide to not reach over and hit snooze for the tenth time GET UP and go straight to doing your face washing, teeth brushing kind of stuff. Don’t continue to lay in bed and scroll through social media or reply to texts that could wait for another 30  minutes.

T I P 3 

Drink 10  H U G E  gulps of water with lemon. (Best time to do this is on an empty stomach) This is great for your digestions which is why we like to have it in the morning.  Sometimes we like to get fancy & add fruit.


T I P 4

You’re going to want to start waking up at the same time every morning to get your body adjusted to early morning. It’s not very fun on weekends, but it will help you out on the other five days of the week. It also helps if you set your alarm for 15 minutes before you actually wanna wake up.

T I P 5

Eat a big, healthy breakfast that’ll give you the energy you need to deal with all the annoying people in your life. (we are planning to share with you next Our Top 7 Favorite Breakfasts. So stay on the look out for that!) This is usually when I’ll put on some music while I dance/cook in the kitchen. When I sit down to eat is when I look ay my phone, reply to texts, scroll through social media, etc. I like saving my phone for this time because it actually makes me eat slower and when i’m done eating it is basically my timer to tell me to get off.

T I P 6 

Make you sure you give yourself at least 30-45 minutes (depending on your schedule) to sit down, drink some coffee (which is a very important part of a productive morning) & blog/journal/read. This will make your morning feel less hectic & strictly scheduled. It also will just calm your mind. I always like to skim through my bible or write down thoughts about the day before or the day ahead.

T I P 7 

Set your own morning routine. The morning will go smoother for you if you don’t go into them blinded. Get into a habit of doing your morning routine and soon enough mornings will become your favorite.

T I P 8

Like I stated in T I P 6: coffee. Because obviously.

T I P 9

Open your curtains! We kid you not…opening your curtains smacks you in the face with natural light and actually energizes you. We don’t know if that’s a real thing but it really does help. There’s just something about that natural morning light beaming through my windows that make me want to do something with my life. We also like to open our windows for a few minutes, even if it’s cold outside. It’s really nice to get some fresh air in your room.

and last but not least. . .

T I P 10

Start your day with inspiration! (now this is totally different from T I P 6 btw) Whether its reading your bible or its placing your favorite inspirational quote or verse inside of your planner, on your mirror, or on anything in your room/house to give you that perfect start to your day.

This is one of our favorites to bring to our attention in the morning. I then go along my day with this as the main thought in my head.

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