Organization Is Key

Organization Is Key. But where do we even start? Both Hannah and I are really good at getting things done on time, but we are also really good at getting sidetracked and forgetting to do things. . .This is where our new way of organization comes into place.

Both of us have come up with our own organizational plan for an easy but FUN way to keep our lives straight. . . (which for us is hard) We’re sitting here guessing that other people suck at being organized too so that is why we are sharing our ways of life.

First things first: Get highlighters. Highlighters are my life. They basically changed my life. It’s been proven that highlighting makes you focus more on prioritizing different/many tasks. It helps more with ADD folks who can’t focus and get sidetracked in a matter of seconds. We do not have ADD but we do get sidetracked and focusing on many things is kinda difficult. (plot twist..its actually not been proven but it makes us sound smarter. .)

The second thing you’re probably going to want to do is figure out what tool you feel helps you keep your day, week, and life in order. For us it was daily printables from some of these websites:

Scattered Squirrels Calendar and Days of the Week Printout

Polished Habitat Days of the Week

Simple as That Daily to-do page

These daily printable are so straight forward but make our lives easier. Hopefully it’ll make yours easier too.



Our personal favorite is Scattered Squirrels calendar print outsScattered Squirrels days of the week print outs, (as shown in the pics up above) & the only print out on Simple As That Blog. What we tend to do with these print outs is make our own Daily Planner. Recently I went to Walmart and got a 1 inch binder, sticky notes, pens, & a variety of highlighters. I like my planners to be out in the open so I cleared a spot specially for this binder to lay out flat. In this binder I put all my calendar print outs in first. Following the those print outs I put in my days of the week print outs. Every Sunday night we print out 7 more days of the week pages & set aside our already accomplished pages. In the inside of our binder we have sticky note pads attacked to the binder. This where we write grocery lists, top things to do, projects, etc.



After we get the pages in the binder this is where the fun begins! Sunday night we fill in our days of the week pages (or any page we decide to use) and highlight like c r a z y! I separate all my lists (meals, work, school, appointments56, etc) by color coating them. We just highlight what’s necessary for us in order to organize our lives. As the week goes on I’ll add things that’ll pop up or cross something out if I end up not being able to accomplish it. That is why I usually take a sticky note and stick onto my papers with our Three Top Priorities on it. So I know that no matter what I have to finish those three tasks.


One last thing we do throughout our DIY personal planner is write encouraging sentences and notes on our pages like:

“Smile & Breathe.”

“Take personal time to journal & read through scriptures.” – This I’ll actually put as a To Do on my papers.

“Pray & Be Happy”

These might sound a tad lame BUT they really help you back off of the scheduled mind set and just remind you to make time for the little things that are more important than doing your laundry at a certain time.

All of these are things that can be switched according to your personal favorite organizing habits. We just thought we would share our easy and fun (highlighting is a blast for us because we’re that odd) way to organize your life & plan your weeks.

Okie Bye.

♥ Kerri Anne & Hannah ♥





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